Monday, March 24, 2008

Mario animation

edit: I got put on the front page. Tom's a nice guy.

pointless animation thing i did.
i don't really like mario though.


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Did you animate the walk in Flash, or on paper and then transfer the drawings to the program?

I like how you redesigned Mario.

- trevor.

pop;yeah said...

all on flash.

thanks trev.

Hryma said...

Hi Nick,
A fellow Aussie good to see.
Answering your question "What are they made out of they look fragile"

Answer:Yeah pretty damn fragile, one false move and wham, shit.
Eddie, Jimmy, George, Sody and Rip are Plasticine and the newest ones are sculpey.

Thanks for commented on my blog.
Have you painted any canvases of your flash drawings? because that would look cool.

pop;yeah said...

i don't paint much.
most of my traditional stuff is just doodles.

thanks for answering my question.

toonaholic said...

I liked it. the walk cycle is well done, the color is great, and I love the pine trees.